All Bets Are Off

Series:  Shepherdsville
Genres: Contemporary Sweet Romance 
Publisher: MiBear Tales 
Publication Year: 2019
Formats: Digital, Print


When new and improved isn’t what it seems.

“…fun romance with little tidbits of wisdom here and there. I love small town romances, and this one is a gemLGS, Amazon Reviewer

Eve Emerson is tired of dumping her problems on her sister. Determined to prove that she can take care of herself, and to break the chain of bad relationships that has controlled her since she could remember, Eve swears off dating for a year. But when she leaves the security of her job to work for the town’s new vet, her career and her vow are suddenly dancing out of her control. Can Eve return her life to normal without breaking her promise to her sister–and herself?

Derrick Morgan just wasn’t cut out to be a parent–his baby sister Caroline proved that when she was only fifteen years old. Now that Caroline is the divorced single mother of a seven-month-old, it’s up to Derrick to fix the mistakes he’s made in the past. But his move to Shepherdsville is only temporary–just because he wants to fix the past doesn’t mean he wants to live in it. And not even his gorgeous new assistant can change his mind.

All Bets Are Off is a standalone book that is the fourth in the Shepherdsville series of small town romance novels. If you like lovable characters and feel-good stories, you’ll love Shawna Lynn Brooks’ clean romance novels. Grab All Bets Are Off and enjoy this series today!

Praise for All Bets Are Off


All Bets Are Off is a fun romance with little tidbits of wisdom here and there. The main characters seem to be almost complete opposites except for their love of animals. The book has lots of humorous situations and lines. One of my favorite lines: Eve appreciated the effort, but sometimes, a girl needed to be left alone with a tub of ice cream. I love small town romances, and this one is a gem — LGS, Amazon Reviewer

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A cute, funny, and sweet story that I totally enjoyed.— Razee, Amazon Reviewer