Eve promised her sister she would swear off men for a whole year. But when she goes to work for the town's sexy new vet, all bets are off...

All Bets Are Off

Eve Emerson is tired of dumping her problems on her sister. Determined to prove that she can take care of herself, and to break the chain of bad relationships that has controlled her since she could remember, Eve swears off dating for a year. But when she leaves the security of her job to work for the town's new vet, her career and her vow are suddenly dancing out of her control. Can Eve return her life to normal without breaking her promise to her sister--and herself?

Derrick Morgan just wasn't cut out to be a parent--his baby sister Caroline proved that when she was only fifteen years old. Now that Caroline is the divorced single mother of a seven-month-old, it's up to Derrick to fix the mistakes he's made in the past. But his move to Shepherdsville is only temporary--just because he wants to fix the past doesn't mean he wants to live in it. And not even his gorgeous new assistant can change his mind.

From the Front Flap...

Movement behind him caught her eye. An old man in a dirty baseball cap and a tattered khaki work shirt stepped up behind him. Draped around his neck was a huge snake, its head easily bigger than Eve’s fist.

She let out a blood curdling scream and took a step back, where Martha’s chair caught her behind the knees. Her flailing arm caught the phone, a small basket of pens, and several files and she and half of the contents of Martha’s desk fell unceremoniously to the floor.

Derrick stepped forward and put a hand out. “You all right?”

Eve swore, the sound coming out as a breathless squeak. “That’s a snake.” She took his hand, and he pulled her upright.

Once she was standing again, he let go of her hand and plucked the handset from the floor. “I’m sorry. This is Dr. Morgan. Can I help you?”

Crap, crap, crap. She’d already forgotten about the person she’d left in limbo on the phone. He listened for a moment, then tensed and nodded. “Yes, I’ll be here. Bring him in.”

He disconnected the call and set the handset on the counter. Barney, his inspection of Derrick’s pants complete, trotted closer to the older man, who Eve now recognized as Joe Farriday, a crusty old farmer who’d lived in Shepherdsville since the Stone Age.

“No! Barney, get back!”

Joe laughed, a loud, boisterous sound that seemed to fill the room. “Now, Eve,” he said. “You’ll hurt his feelings. Rosco’s the hardest working snake in Marquette County. He keeps mice out of the barn.”

Eve took a step toward Barney, who ducked his head to nip at Joe’s shoelace, then she thought better of it and stepped back. “Mice. Cats. Small children.”

“Naw, just mice,” Joe chuckled. “Rosco’s a good boy.”

“He’d sure keep me out of your barn,” Eve said.

All Bets Are Off--June 2019