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A nerdy guy. A small town girl.

A big storm.

Lacey Underwood has struggled to build her life, and her small business, in her little hometown of Shepherdsville. Then a storm changes everything. With a car on the blink and a hurricane barreling towards her, she must find her way to safety. When her high school friend, the sweet but nerdy Gene Blackwell, finds her stranded in front of her feed store, she can barely believe this hunk is the guy she used to know. But how could she ever be enough for someone as brilliant as Gene?

Gene has a happy life in Atlanta--far away from the bullies that used to taunt him and the love for Lacey that he never let show. But when he rescues Lacey from the storm, he soon discovers his infatuation is not as dead as he thinks. Lacey will never see him as anything but Eugene the nerd. Can he make it through the night without turning back into the kid who forever obsessed over someone he could never have?

From inside the flap:

A moment later, he emerged into the living room wearing the house dress and a pair of dainty pink flip flops. The red paisley smock wasn’t quite what she had pictured, but it was just as funny. The cap sleeves hugged his shoulders with elastic ruffles, and the scooped neckline dipped low enough to show a sprinkling of dark chest hair. The hem fell farther up his thighs than she had imagined. Even in high school his grandmother had been a head shorter than him, so her gown barely covered the parts that mattered. She couldn’t stop the giggle that erupted. “Do yourself a favor. Don’t bend over.”

He scowled. “I’m getting a lot more breeze under here than I’m comfortable with. I’m rethinking this plan.”

“Don’t,” she laughed. “You look adorable.”

“Good,” he retorted. “Adorable is my M.O.”

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