Stormsurge (Contemporary Novella)

With a hurricane speeding towards her and her car on the blink, how will Lacey Underwood get herself to safety? Her best friend from high school, the nerdy but sweet Eugene Blackwell, of course. But after four years apart, Lacey discovers Gene isn’t quite the nerd she remembers.

Home Again (Contemporary)

Maren Campell has it all—respectable job, attentive fiancé, and a life in a big, bustling city. Not bad for a small-town orphan girl. When it all falls apart, what else can she do except go home? But her problems are only beginning. The county is poised to take her farm. And Jack Mason, the only man who ever broke her heart, is leading the charge.

Jack Mason can’t believe Maren is back. Ten years ago, she swore to put Shepherdsville, and him, in her rearview mirror. Now that she’s here, Jack knows she’ll never stay. If only he can get her to leave before she wrecks his development—and steals his heart again.

–3rd Place, 2017 Wisconsin RWA Fab Five Contest

Double or Nothing (Contemporary)

Ellie has spent her whole life covering for her irresponsible twin sister, Eve. This time Eve has really done it. After breaking up with yet another boyfriend, Eve talks Ellie into taking over her job while Eve “finds herself” at a yoga camp. How will Ellie keep Eve’s boss from finding out what they’ve done?

Grant Russell’s flighty and irresponsible assistant has pushed him too far, and she has to go. He’s inherited a failing business from his uncle, and he has his hands full trying to pull it back from the brink. He can’t afford to let Eve mess things up even worse. Except when the time comes, Grant can’t bring himself to fire her. Eve has inexplicably gotten herself together, and despite all of his misgivings, Grant finds himself drawn to the new and improved Eve. Grant must save the business before the bank takes it back, but can he trust Eve to help him?

A Perfect Catch (Contemporary)
Coming April 1, 2019

After her fiance’s tragic death, Terri Clark has spent two years in mourning. She moves to Shepherdsville hoping to start over, but she’s finding it impossible to forget that last, horrible night. Now, her hope of a fresh start begins to crumble when restoring the town’s ballpark forces her to work with the ruggedly handsome Sam Bradley. The last thing she wants is to work side by side with someone as cold and uncaring as Sam. He isn’t quite the man she thought he was, though. Can she bring herself to risk her heart again?

A single dad, Sam takes fatherhood seriously. He’s determined to restore Shepherdsville’s ballpark to its former glory to make up for the turmoil in his young son’s life. He refuses to let anything stand in his way—not even being saddled with Terri Clark’s help. A friend of his ex, Terri had a front row seat to his divorce, and now she thinks he’s a first-class jerk. Still, he finds himself fighting a growing attraction to a woman who might be helping his ex-wife take away custody of his son. Can Terri forgive him for his past? More importantly, can he forgive himself?

All Bets are Off  (Contemporary) Coming July 2019

Eve Emerson is determined to break a long chain of bad relationships and stop relying on her sister to fix her life. She sets out to gain control of her flagging career and vows to stop dating for a whole year. But her career and her vow are suddenly dancing out of control when she goes to work for the town’s vet. Can Eve return her life to normal without breaking her promise to her sister–and herself?


Derrick Morgan just wasn’t cut out to be a parent. He’s been responsible for his baby sister since she was fifteen years old, and their relationship has always been rocky. Now Caroline is a divorced, single mother of a seven-month-old. He returns to Shepherdsville to atone for past mistakes, but his stay is only temporary. He refuses to abandon his perfect life in Chicago. And not even his gorgeous new assistant can change his mind.