All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off

Eve promised her sister she would swear off men for a whole year. But when she goes to work for the town's sexy new vet, all bets are off...

What had Caroline had been thinking? When she had told him in college that she and Eve were friends, Derrick hadn’t been surprised. From what he could tell, they both had that same reckless streak that made them push back against anyone with any authority. Of course they would get along.

Well, at least Caroline had tried to help. As usual, her attempts to fix problems her own way only made them worse. He pasted a noncommittal smile on his face. “Eve. I’m—”

He stopped when her eyes widened, then she took a step backwards and screamed, a blood curdling, high pitched sound that vibrated in his ears. She knocked over a display Doc Richardson used to sell leashes, and she and the rack fell unceremoniously to the floor.

Derrick knew exactly what had just happened. He grinned and glanced over his shoulder to where Joe and Rosco, Joe’s ten-foot boa constrictor, had emerged from the exam room. He stepped forward and put a hand out to help Eve up from the floor. “You alright?”

Eve swore in a breathless voice that sent another ripple through his gut. “That’s a snake.” She took his hand, and the feel of her soft skin against his palm tightened his breath in his chest.  He pulled her upright.

Joe laughed, a loud, boisterous sound that broke the spell Eve had somehow woven around him. Derrick stepped back and quashed the urge to wipe his hand against his jeans. “Now, Eve,” Joe said. “You’ll hurt his feelings. Rosco’s the hardest working snake in Marquette County. He keeps mice out of the barn.”

Eve dusted the seat of her skirt, and Derrick’s eyes followed the brush of her hands against the swell of her hip, mesmerized. “Mice. Cats. Small children.” Eve gave a nervous laugh and edged backwards a step.

“Naw, just mice,” Joe chuckled. “Rosco’s a good boy.”

“He’d sure keep me out of your barn,” Eve said.


All Bets Are Off--Pre-order on Kickstarter on January 7, 2019.